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About Colorizer-Max


Our site provides image generating software for scrapbookers, graphic designers, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs.


Our goal is to provide huge supply of graphic resources for both hobbyists and professionals. It's been our objective to provide graphic resources using various colors. However, selling bulk images sometimes is not comfortable for both the buyer and the seller especially if the file size is too big. To address this issue, we created a software called Colorizer-Max.

With Colorizer-Max, you don't need to download and store bulk images. Just download the software and from there, you can specify the desired colors and generate the images you need. Image creation is fast and straightforward.

Colorizer-Max is just around 2 megabytes in size so downloading should be easy and fast.

Colorizer-Max is a browser based software. As long as you have a web browser such as FireFox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari, you should have no problem running the software.

Colorizer-Max works with or without internet connection so you can generate images any time you want.

We are encouraging you to bookmark our site and visit it from time to time as we are continuously adding new quality items at very affordable price.

We are committed in providing the best graphic resources.


Thank you for visiting our site.